10" Tablet Walking Frame Rehab Breakthrough

10" Tablet-Enabled Walking Frame: A Rehab Mobility Breakthrough.

The HT10 tablet is designed for medical environments with demanding wireless networking requirements. This lightweight, waterproof, and drop-resistant tablet allows healthcare professionals to access patient records in real time, 
ensuring an accurate understanding of patient conditions and medication instructions. It also adheres to the medical facility's SOP procedures. The tablet features IP65-level protection and antimicrobial materials in its coating. It can be installed near the patient's bed or on a nursing cart for convenience.
Our innovation, "Lower Limb Smart Weight-Bearing Rehabilitation Solution," integrates the HT10 tablet with rehabilitation equipment and a rehabilitation exercise training system. This three-in-one product had already available in Shanghai, China, in 2023. The tablet is mounted on a traditional walking frame for elderly individuals, providing assistance for patients in rebuilding stability during walking through a specially developed rehabilitation app.

1. Lightweight and Easy to Carry it Anytime 
The cutting-edge medical tablet HT10, designed by AMobile, has advanced features that make it an invaluable tool for healthcare practitioners. Its ultra-slim design, with a thickness of only 15mm and a weight of just 900g, makes it both lightweight and easy to carry it anytime for using. Additionally, the device can quickly scan patient ID barcode wristbands and can be mounted on weight-bearing rehabilitation walkers.

2. Dual Batteries for Long Time Operation
The HT10 offers seamless battery replacement without interrupting operations, thanks to its dual batteries with Hot Swap architecture and technology. This enhances battery efficiency, enabling the product to operate continuously for  an extended period of time.

3. Intelligent Sensing for Precision Rehabilitation
Moreover, the HT10 features wireless pressure sensors that deliver real-time data observation on the screen. The cutting-edge APP
that accompanies it facilitates standardized rehabilitation training for muscle strength, speed, and quantification of proprioception.

4. Cloud-Based Training Review
Doctors can access individual patient progress data from the cloud via the internet. This enables them to generate before-and-after training comparison charts, effectively managing multiple patients and precisely tracking each individual's progress.

5. Remote Guidance and Customized Solutions
Doctors can accurately monitor patients' training progress through the app, tailoring specific strengthening exercises,this can be developed customized rehabilitation plans. Patients can follow these plans systematically, allowing visible progress for those on the path to recovery.

The "Lower Limb Smart Weight-Bearing Rehabilitation Solution" has shown significant benefits in clinical trials in Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, and Neurology. It promotes fracture healing, improves walking function, and increases patient willingness to engage in rehabilitation, ultimately to a shortened recovery period. This solution has proven to be particularly helpful for bone trauma, soft tissue injuries, joint replacements, and post-operative neural repairs to a certain extent.

If you are interested in AMobile's "Lower Limb Smart Weight-Bearing Rehabilitation Solution," please get in touch with us anytime.

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