G350 Gateway

• MediaTek 4X Arm Cortex-A53, 2.0 GHz
• Support multi-type I/O ports to connect facilities.
• High integration with Thermal Monitoring Solution and Power Relay devices.
• Embed Android system, easy to integrate with Android devices.
• Full connect solution via Wifi, BT, and dual RJ-45 ports.


AI Empowered: G350 Gateway Redefines Intelligent Electromechanical Equipment!

AMobile, the pioneer of AI Edge Computing solution provider and a subsidiary invested by MediaTek, collaborate closely to create the next-generation G350 Gateway, built on the foundation of MediaTek Genio 350 processor. AMobile has successfully designed G350 Gateway for the Multinational Corporation factory. The gateway is specifically for electromechanical equipment data integration and collects the data of comprehensive factory sensors.


Mobile's G350 gateway utilizes MediaTek Genio 350 SoC, featuring a 4-core CPU (4x Arm Cortex-A53 @ 2.0GHz) with Full HD hardware acceleration for H.265/H.264 video decoding. Equipped with an AI processor, it enables machine vision, deep learning, and neural network acceleration, supported by a Linux system. This powerful combination enables real-time Edge AI computing, making it an ideal solution for intelligent devices, commercial environments such as KIOSK and Point-of-Sale, public safety, harsh industrial environments and healthcare settings.


The G350 gateway can be applied to distribution panels with its versatile RS422/485 terminals, enabling the connection of multiple data sources related to power parameters, control settings and safety parameters. Subsequently, these data will be reported to the control center. The system continuously monitors data daily variations through software configuration also through intelligent system integrates data of the sensors, various data sources can be detected and reported.


For example, when the distribution panel controls a specific electromechanical equipment box, 
the system is preconfigured to issue a warning notification to the control center when the temperature exceeds 50°C, and it will be directly connected to the fire department when it exceeds 80°C, initiating necessary cooling system operations. Alternatively, if the temperature remains at 40°C during a particular period but continuously increases without reaching 50°C, the system will identify potential risks and send a warning message to the control center.

The traditional electromechanical integration often requires products from multiple suppliers, such as voltage controllers from Brand A, circuit breakers from Brand B, and temperature and humidity controllers from Brand C. As a result, system integrators typically need to conduct multiple tests and adjustments to provide the best integration solution.

Now, with AMobile's G350 gateway, we can integrate all these sensors' data seamlessly. All device sensor data are consolidated through our developed gateway, and the integration cost is significantly lower than individually branded controllers. Moreover, replacing the mainboard is more cost-effective than replacing a single controller in terms of maintenance costs, reducing labor expenses and downtime.

Therefore, AMobile's G350 gateway is the optimal solution for your development needs.

CPU MediaTek MT8365,
Quad CA53 2.0Ghz
Operating System Android 11
Memory 4GB RAM + 64GB Flash
LCD Display
Resolution Support 1280* 800 Pixel
WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ ac
Bluetooth BT4.0
Peripherals and Devices
Audio & Vibrator 1.5W speaker
Indicator & Key
Function key Power Key
Indicator Green
I/O Interface
SD Slot 1 x microSD card slot (max 512GB)
USB Port 2
LAN 2x RJ45
Dry GPI 20 Set/ 42Pin
4-20 mA 6 Set/ 18Pi
RS-485 5 Set/ 15Pin
3.5 Audio Jack 1
Power Jack 2 Pin Euroblock
Power Supply
Charging 12V/2A
Power Input Euroblock 2 Pin
Dimension 202x 223 x30 mm
Weight 350g
Operating Temp 0°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temp. -20°C ~ 70°C
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 95%RH; RH85˚C, non-condensing
Certification NCC, BSMI (Plan)
Power Charger 12V; 2A (24W max); Euroblock 2 Pin, 1500mm
E-User Manual 1
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