Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing high-standard products that adhere to international standards and clear production processes, strictly following various ISO specifications. As an experienced manufacturer of industrial handheld devices and solution provider, these standards enable us to consistently produce products that meet stringent quality standards and fulfill customer expectations, ensuring the attainment of the highest quality outcomes.

As industry experts, we deeply understand the diverse demands of different markets. Therefore, Pansun products are designed and manufactured according to specific market requirements and undergo corresponding regulatory certifications. This approach empowers us to flexibly meet the unique needs of global customers, regardless of their geographical locations.

The highest standards in reliability and service

At AMobile, reliability, service, and support are the cornerstones of our foundation.
This is why we have dedicated significant resources to our advanced testing facilities and service centers around the globe. Our factory is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and instruments, and during the product Design Verification Testing (DVT) phase, various product tests are conducted to maintain product reliability and stability. We also allocate substantial resources to service centers worldwide to facilitate subsequent maintenance operations.

  • Professional Customization Service
    Professional Customization Service Tailored services covering warehousing, logistics, retail, healthcare, IoT, and more tomeet your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Production Lines
    Comprehensive Production Lines Multiple production lines to cater to diverse customer demands.
  • Smart Factory
    Smart Factory APS, MES systems for visualized productivity management.
  • Manufacturing Processes
    Manufacturing Processes Complete e-SOP manufacturing processes.
  • Advanced Facilities
    Advanced Facilities Equipped with facilities like clean rooms, burn-in rooms, wireless communication testing, and more.
  • Quality and After-Sales Service
    Quality and After-Sales Service eRMA system, 100% full-function testing, B/I, FQC, ORT, and MES system.

Assembly Line and Testing Equipment

We have a complete production line capable of 24-hour shifts, equipped with internal facilities such as soldering machines and X-ray inspection equipment. Our industrial environment includes comprehensive testing for essential factors like vibration, drop, high and low temperature, humidity, and more. This ensures that Pansun's products come with quality assurance and are highly reliable in the market.

  • Reflow oven
    Reflow oven
  • Assembly Line
    Assembly Line
  • X-Ray
  • Thermal and Dry Heat Test
    Thermal and Dry Heat Test
  • Service life test machine
    Service life test machine
  • Click the line test Machine
    Click the line test Machine

Production Line Introduction


Production Line


  • Large WS for system assembly w/ burn-in.
  • Suitable for high volume production (MOQ>300).
  • Traceability can be ensured by MES.

Production Line


  • Smaller WS assembly.
  • Suitable for mid/larger size product.
  • Traceability can be ensured by MES.