Investor Relations

Investor Relations

During its operational activities, effective communication with stakeholders is of paramount importance for AMobile. Through internal high-level meetings, AMobile has identified its main stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and regulatory authorities/government. The goal is to gain insights into the concerns and expectations of these stakeholders regarding relevant issues that AMobile is involved in, in order to uphold their rights through improved communication.

The communication platform with stakeholders and the key issues of concern are as follows :

  • Stakeholders

    Issues of concern

    Communication channels or methods

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    Operational strategies and policies, corporate governance, financial performance

    Holding board meetings

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    Product quality and delivery schedules

    Annual computer and information expos, customer site visits, company website, phone, regular customer satisfaction surveys

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    Regulatory compliance, order management

    Material quality inspections, periodic supplier evaluations, etc.

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    Compensation and benefits, on-the-job training and development, workplace environment

    Email inboxes, labor-management meetings, employee intranet, employee welfare committees, etc.

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    Regulatory Authorities / Government

    Regulatory compliance

    全National regulatory information network, official documents, etc.

Communication with stakeholders :

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    Shareholder Relations

    Convening board meetings and consistently maintaining accurate and comprehensive information ensures that investors have a full understanding of the company's operational performance and long-term business direction. This commitment safeguards the interests of investors.

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    Customer Relations

    We provide high-quality service, offering tailored, designed, developed, and mass-produced professional services for our customers. The company upholds a customer-centric approach, making it a top priority to meet the quality expectations of our customers. We ensure that both product design and manufacturing processes adhere to the highest standards, aiming to fully satisfy customer requirements and establish strong, long-lasting collaborative relationships.

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    Supplier Relations

    Regular supplier evaluations are conducted, with supplier ratings and scores issued as a means of monitoring customer satisfaction. Supply chain management focuses on selecting suppliers that adhere to social responsibility principles, aiming to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with them. This approach contributes to a smoother production and distribution process.

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    Employee Relations

    In accordance with labor regulations, we safeguard the legitimate rights of employees. We integrate the company's core functions with employee needs to align policy objectives. Through professional skills training, we establish effective career development programs for employees. We provide a safe and healthy working environment for our staff.

    Regular labor-management meetings are held to understand the perspectives of both sides, striving for a win-win situation. The company also periodically convenes all-staff meetings to report on operational conditions and motivate employees to work towards achieving the company's annual performance indicators.

Communication with stakeholders: